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Kontron 3-274925-1 Intel P4 3.0GHz | 800 FSB | BX80532PG3000D | UT 33-25-02443; CPU w/Heat Sink & Fan

  • New or Fully Refurbished
  • Test Report
  • 1-Year


Name Value
Product 3-274925-1
Make Kontron
Type Single Board Computer
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  • Complete Starterkit for immediate evaluation purposes
  • Includes all required hardware components for a quick start
  • Linux® board support package included on CD-ROM
  • Microsoft® Windows® CE preinstalled including Full license
  • The most cost-efficient multimedia ready board in it´s class


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Is the 3-274925-1 readily available?

GID Industrial specializes in obtaining products that are difficult to find. The manufacturing of the 3-274925-1 has ceased, and the supply is scarce. Lead times may vary, but on average, 5 - 7 business days is the standard delivery time.

What does the 3-274925-1 typically cost?

Pricing is based on several factors, such as availability and delivery requirements. GID Industrial offers highly competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Please contact us today to receive a quote for the 3-274925-1.

Is there a warranty or refund policy for this product?

GID Industrial provides a full 30-day warranty on each product sold, including a 30-day refund policy. If an extended warranty is purchased, the refund and exchange policies are also extended throughout the length of the warranty.

Do you work with companies all over the world?

Not a problem! We operate on a global scale, and can ship almost anywhere in the world.

What are the payment options for purchasing the 3-274925-1?

At GID Industrial, we accept all major credit cards as well as company checks and wire transfers. Additionally, at the direction of our customers, we have also worked with escrow companies to complete payment transactions.

What carriers do you typically work with?

We work with all major carriers including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the USPS. We can also work with other shipping carriers if this is a requirement for our customer.

Does GID offer repair services?

We do provide repair services for the 3-274925-1. Our knowledgeable engineering team will efficiently evaluate the part, diagnose the problem, and repair it within a good turn around time. Feel free to contact us today to discuss repair services options.

Do you test the 3-274925-1 before shipping?

GID Industrial is equipped with full-testing capabilities, and we can assure each product is tested prior to shipment. Upon request, we are able to provide a trustworthy diagnosis of the product and test report with each purchase.

Can GID Industrial assist me in managing the lifecycle of the 3-274925-1?

Yes, because managing the phases of industrial equipment is our strong suit. We are able to promptly phase out obsolete parts all the while introducing next-generation products.

Can GID help if we have an excess of phased out inventory?

We frequently work with companies to help them move and migrate excess inventory. All too frequently, companies dispose of end-of-life equipment for scrap value. Our goal is to obtain top market value for companies who need to dispose of excess industrial equipment. GID Industrial has worked with a vast array of products including the 3-274925-1.

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